15 Girls Supply Their own Most effective Relationship Tips

Giving Up On Dating?

And no, you will not die alone without relationships, wife and children…. You make friends, family and meet people who will remember you for what you are. They respect what you do, you have done and what changes you brought for better or worse for Mankind. In answer to your question, yes, some women have “that something” that makes them more appealing to men than their physical appearance alone might suggest. Just as you and others have described with some men, we might think of it as an energy, or a vibe these women radiate.

And here is usually where the “I just go with the flow” comes in. All this actually says is “I don’t want to put the effort in.” Yes I admit there is nothing wrong with this. Sometimes lives are too busy or stressful to even consider a relationship. Perhaps just going out and playing the freedom role is appropriate at times too.

It didn’t take long for unhealthy relationship patterns to repeat, where I was putting way more effort in the relationship than my partner was. At the height of an abusive relationship with a man in 2019, someone told me that I can’t keep pouring from an empty cup. And that changed my whole perspective. I was investing more into the relationship because my boyfriends weren’t investing in it at all. It didn’t help that several of my male partners would sexualise me further after finding out I’m bisexual. They’d ask if we could have a threesome with our lesbian friends or stereotype bisexual women as hypersexual.

We all know that, or at least people reading this blog do or they probably wouldn’t be reading it. However, as I’m in my early fifties, I’ve unfortunately seen gender relations get progressively worse over the past 30 years or so. But hey, that’s just my story, and I’m happy with my life and happy to share this with you and your readers. We singles at this age and time have gone through so much, did so much….downshift and use the wisdom you have to really do it right and grown up . I think this is also the problem why so many nice, wonderful men are losing in the dating game. They possess all the good, masculine traits, but tend to be more connected to their feminine energy, therefore not attracting women the way they want.

If you put in the effort to look for a mate and put yourself out there, there’s a larger chance you’ll be successful. And if you’re as unlucky in love as I am, that means that you will end up being single in your 30s, still trying to find “The One” who’s actually right for you. In a couple of years, almost everyone you know will end up settling down, but sometimes, there are men who end up staying single. “I think every man I date in the future should be required to show a therapist’s note approving him for dating,” I texted a friend a week after not deciding to date men. “If therapy was championed as a men’s rights cause, it’d be cheaper and easily available,” she texted back. It’s been nearly two years during which I’ve adopted a dog, graduated from university, and faced a deadly pandemic.

Unless your into that sort of thing? I do agree with dressing well & being well groomed for a special occasion which in-itself makes you feel more confident & it feels nice! It’s also polite, not only to the other person but to yourself. Self care is important especially for your health & well-being.

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